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Going Dark: Make Sure To Know Your Enemy

Going Dark: Make Sure To Know Your Enemy

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Going Dark is a love, brotherhood and revenge story of two Special Forces soldiers, 2LT James Lavish and 1LT James Hive Rice. 1LT Rice and 2LT Lavish are both members of the British SAS, who had to command and stablish a unique task team. The task force consists of the strongest fighters on the globe. They recruit from diverse backgrounds, including the British SAS, US Navy Seals, Mexican special forces, and ordinary folks who, on their day, would make anybody appear weak when provoked.

One day, the task force gets attacked out of nowhere, and Lavish's wife, their children, and several friends who passed selection are brutally slain. Following the event, 1LT Rice and 2LT Lavish get questioned about their ethics in the administration. It remains to be seen what steps they take to help each other out of the darkness and return to the light. The story is centered on clandestine operations, stealth missions, conspiracy, treachery, and personal life difficulties that provide some background and humanity for the people in it.

*Book Details:

- Genre: Fiction Novel / Thriller / War / Political Thriller

- Pages: 610

- Format: eBook, Paperback and Hardcover

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